By Hook or by Crook

This fairly silly comedy directed by Karl Maka is full of pratfalls and funny faces with a few clever routines, but most of it is fairly humdrum. It does have Sammo so there is some action as well thrown into the pot.

It takes place in the olden days and there is a legendary thief on the loose called the “Flower Kid”. Karl Maka the sheriff is after him and forces rubber faced Dean Shek to help out. Shek initially thinks that Sammo is the Flower Kid. Soon they team up to go after the real Flower Kid who turns out to be Wu Ma. But he is actually being set up to be assassinated by the “Golden Killer” and Sammo and Dean have to come to the rescue. This leads to a fairly good fight at the end.

A couple highlights are Sammo in drag and a cameo from Eric Tsang as a gunslinger.

My rating for this film: 5.5