Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Shop

This is the type of film that I can really enjoy if I am in the right mood and I must have been when I saw this because it was ridiculous but a lot of fun. The kind of film that when you hit someone they go flying across the room or you send a burst of gunfire in their direction and five guys go down.

Yuen Biao and Cynthia Khan star in this rollicking action comedy. What a great idea it was to put these two together. One of the Seven Fortunes and one of the premier “girls with guns” stars. They have terrific chemistry together and it’s a shame they have not teamed up since.

They are both cops – Yuen from HK and Cynthia from the Mainland and they both go undercover in the Philippines to catch some counterfeiting drug smugglers. Before this in an early scene, Cynthia has a good fight with Yuen Wah (who unfortunately is only in the film for this one scene) and the stuntman does an incredible fall from the roof through bamboo scaffolding.

Once in the Philippines they are able to join up with Waise Lee’s gang, but they are not entirely trusted. This leads to a scene that had me in tears laughing. Since Yuen and Cynthia are suppose to be married, they have to share the same bedroom and they suspect that someone might be eavesdropping. Yuen of course gets fresh with Cynthia and they start throwing one another around the room, but to the eavesdroppers it sounds like they are making passionate love. Like I said you have to be in the right mood.

All in all a great low budget film with scads of action and two great stars. The last twenty minutes is an all out war and the two of them need to team up to take on Billy Chow in a great three way fight. The way Chow finally gets it is classic.

My rating for this film: 7.0