A Bullet for Hire

An enjoyable low budget example of the Heroic Bloodshed genre. In this, Simon Yam & his partner (Lo Lieh) are hired to kill a gweilo cop. SY and LL have worked together for years and in fact SY was taught to be a professional killer by LL. They are successful in their mission, but run up against Elaine Lui who is the bodyguard to the gweilo and she is able to catch a glimpse of LL. At this point I thought - ok - we have been here before - now they have to shut her up - but it goes off in an entirely different direction.

SY gets a new partner from Vietnam - Jackie Cheung - and has to train him in the art of killing. There are some funny scenes of JC as a hick learning the ways of HK as well as of the trade of death. Eventually trouble does come to this happy little family as Elaine Lui reappears and is able to pressure LL to turn evidence against the murder syndicate. SY of course gets orders to kill his old partner. JC also gets orders to kill SY if he does not fulfill the contract. What matters most - loyalty to the boss (Dick Wei) or to your sifu?