Downtown Torpedoes

Your mission should you accept it - make a HK film as much like a Mission Impossible episode as you can. A slick Mission Impossible styled movie (even the music was familiar at times) as a group of super crooks (who seem to have enough technological know how and gadgets to get them to an incoming comet & back) get involved with British MI5 and the HK police.

Very little down time in this movie as it goes from caper to caper. The break in and breakout of MI5 headquarters was brilliantly paced and executed. Didnít really feel much for the characters though as there was little character development, but there was really no time to worry about that as we zipped from Frankfurt to HK to Budapest. Jordan Chan, Charlie Yeung, Theresa Lee & Takeshi Kanshiro are all members of this very attractive (well not Jordan) group of thieves. It is all style with little logic or heart thrown into the mix yet still entertaining.