The Hunting List

A category III triad tale that serves equal dollops of violence & sex. Not a bad story, but we have seen it many times before. It begins with a prologue in which 3 young teenagers come to the assistance of the older brother of one of them who is in debt to a loan shark and being beaten by them. One of the boys, Kit, kills one of the gang and is forced to flee the country to Taiwan.

Jump forward 15 years - now the older brother (Paul Chan Pui - police supervisor in Heroic Trio) is one of the top Triad leaders and his younger brother - Cramps (where do these names come from?) is his right hand man. This actor gives one of those always on the verge of violence or always screaming or laughing maniacally triad type performances that I hate in HK movies. On to this scene returns Kit (Ray Lui) who is an undercover cop ordered to infiltrate the gang. As you may expect his loyalties are divided and circumstances come about that make him act less a cop than a triad member. This is a basic by the numbers movie with a good performance from Ray Lui.