The Big Score

This movie starts off with a blow to the gut, but then slowly begins to undermine itself with that common HK malady - a need to bring in a little inappropriate levity. For the most part though, this movie is excellent and with a real focused vision by the director (OK -its Wong Jing so what can I expect) it could have been a classic.

Danny Lee is a cop (in one of his better roles) who finally captures Panther, a drug dealer, after 3 years with the help of his undercover assistant, Anthony Wong. When Panther realizes that AW has betrayed him he swears revenge. Now one of the rules of HK movies is that when a triad member swears revenge, they are not kidding and the best thing to do is disappear immediately or at least get some police protection. Wong does neither and in an incredibly harrowing stomach wrenching scene he & his family pay for this miscalculation (one of the evil assassins is the Filipina Agnes Aurelio).

The case falls apart and the dealer is freed. Lee and a friend of AW (Wong Jing again) decide to get their own version of revenge. But instead of the usual bloodbath, they do it with a sting that makes the movie quite different and enjoyable. There were just a few silly attempts at humor by Wong Jing’s character that were irritatingly out of place for a movie that could be so intense one moment and then slapsticky the next. Joey Wong also stars as the rich girl that Lee uses in the plot to get Panther.