Tough Guy

I am not sure whether this was a film release or a TV show or a straight to video production, but the production values were bargain basement. I basically rented it because Yu Rong Guang is in it, but even he (especially in a secondary role) cannot save this mediocrity.

Itís even impossible to figure out what the time period that the film is suppose to be taking place in. Most of the characters are in early 20th century garb, but then the bad guy is driving a land rover, and in some scenes the cops have old styled rifles and in the next modern automatic weapons! Pretty bad. And on occasions a guy who must be 100 pounds heavier and with a different haircut doubles for YRG. Finally, to top it off I stay the course with this and it ends very abruptly with no conclusion - which leads me to believe that it is part of a TV show.