Ballistic Kiss

This Donnie Yen production is a stab at Heroic Bloodshed gunplay.  Donnie plays a hired killer in Roy Orbison dark rimmed glasses and his isolated social life made me expect to hear him break into a mournful rendition of  "Only the Lonely".

In an early scene, he calmly walks into a Triad punk youth gang headquarters and kills them all with great bloody efficiency. But spares the molls. This fact greatly impresses the female cop who is assigned to the case, Annie Wu - the cutie from Jackie Chanís First Strike. I think she is quite a doll, but as a tough cop she is quite unbelievable. As these movies often go, it turns out that Donnie lives across the street from her and has been secretly watching her.

But Donnie is not really a bad guy - just a little lacking in the social graces. He romances her at one point with "I wonít kill you. But I can break your legs or your arms or ruin your face. Shhh - just watch the sunset". These types of endearments of course win her heart and she joins sides with him to kill off the really bad guys.

This film is quite disdained in the Asian film NG and there are certainly many poor elements about it. Much of it is filmed in strange shades of blue and green, it is quite unbelievable in itís plot, it has huge holes and ridiculous scenes such as three so called master killers unloading hundreds of bullets at one another from fifteen feet away and not hitting anyone for about five minutes.

But I still kind of enjoyed it based primarily on a couple of good action scenes. One that has all the bad guys facing off against each other with guns in each others faces waiting for the first move to set them off. Michael Woods is in this scene, but unfortunately he does not reacquaint himself with Donnie as in their past classic match ups. There is also a cameo with Yu Rong Guang in which he has a short terrific duel with Donnie. And finally Annie is pretty sweet and the very last scene with her was intriguing. Donnie directs this as well. I like the Chinese title -  "Kill Some People Dance a Little" -, which is literally true. There was one short scene of Donnie and Annie dancing and most of the rest was killing!