The Invincible Constable

A confusing little period film in which 5 brothers and a sister all seem to have considerable kung fu skills and live on a secluded island. The younger brother for reasons unexplained keeps going to the mainland to challenge the constable to a fight. The constable is a good guy though and at some point during the film the brothers and sister and constable all team up to battle the real evil doer.

Unexpectedly, there was some interesting fun action scenes - going underground, up trees, walking on water - the usual kung fu skills! Anthony Wong shows up a couple of times for no reason other than apparently getting to use his name in marketing the film.

The nicest surprise was when Cynthia Khan shows up as the sister. I donít see her credited anywhere for this film. Though she is a minor player, she does have a few nice comic and action moments. The final beach fight with all involved is quite good.