Cheap Killers
Alex Fong

If this film had been shot in a slaughterhouse, there could not have been much more blood or severed limbs. As director and producer, Clarence Ford and Wong Jing are going more for shock value here than a coherent story.

Alex Fong and Sunny Chan are two hitmen who like to dress in white when they are out on a business call. Must be hell on their laundry bills. In the first contract, the target is cut in two and the top half of his torso is brought down in the elevator for no particular reason. OK - makes perfect sense I guess.

Later the two of them come across the young wife of a triad big shot. This is Kathy Chow and as soon as we spot her taking an outside shower in her clothes and everything goes slo-mo and the chorus swells up - we know she is trouble with a capital T. A femme fatale if ever there was one. The Postman Always Rings Twice. Though in this case he doesn’t have to. After Sunny and Kathy fall into bed together - he asks “you don’t even know my name do you” ?.

The trouble is just starting for these two hitmen.

I like Kathy Chow - she was great in Nude Fear and good in Eastern Hollywood, but she has trouble with what should have been a complex role. She struggles hard to create a totally one dimensional character. She should have watched Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity or The Strange Love of Martha Ivers to understand how to play femme fatale as it should be. It is more than smoking cigars and smiling wickedly.

This film is full of brutal violence and action, but I didn’t think the action scenes were particularly well done. The only thing that saves this film is an excellent straight forward performance from Alex Fong who comes across as an honorable loyal guy (who just happens to kill for money!). He keeps the film focused and his fate is what kept me interested. If severed fingers, torsos, arms are your thing though give this film a go.