Lucky Way
Amy Yip with her sad, but innocent eyesJet Li and his watery eyes

I bet that not many people know that Jet Li and Amy Yip ever co-starred in a movie. Well they do in this one - for about one minute each! This film wasnít exactly what I was expecting. It turned out to be some fung shui expert who takes us on a tour of HK and points out all the buildings and what causes either their good or bad fung shui. Since I have been to HK few times, this was sort of interesting for a while, but I kept thinking this was a comic routine and a real movie was going to emerge out of this. But it never does. This is in fact a guide to fung shui in HK.

After going through most of the buildings in HK, the host does a little fortune telling by studying the face of a few people. Two of these are Amy Yip and Jet Li. Now why he focused on the Yipsterís face when it is obviously something else that made her famous I donít know, but these were his observations. Her face will make her a successful woman, her beautiful nose means she will meet many important officials, the eyes are innocent and sad which means she is kind hearted and will become rich. At this comment Amy laughed with glee!

As to Jet Li, he says his forehead tells of sad teenage years, he attracts women with his watery eyes and he will start making a lot of money at 26. This comment also makes Jet very happy.

People do say that money is what HK is all about.

My rating for this film: 3.0