This well known Category III flick has a little bit of everything for the viewer. Action, comedy, romance, fine looking women, sex between humans, sex between human and robot. The usual mix. This is a HK takeoff of Robocop with a lot of nudity thrown in for good measure.

It begins with an Arab Prince being kidnapped while in the comfortable proximity of a number of scantily clad females. The kidnapper is Billy Chow and during his escape he kills a female police officer, Selina.

It turns out that Billy is actually a robot who has had his inventor’s mind transferred into his operating system. The only way to combat this is for a female Japanese robotologist and her assistant Amy YipIs there room for one more? to do the same thing with Selina - (transference can only take place with a dead person!) - and so Selina is born anew, but none of her colleagues are aware of this change. Not even her boyfriend who commences to have passionate sex with her. Selina is played by a Japanese actress - Aoyama Chikako - and she is almost the anatomical equal of the Yipster (as evidenced above), but not nearly so coy about hiding her assets.

Finally the big fight comes and it is kind of fun watching Amy and Aoyama trading kicks with Billy Chow. Now who would I put my money on?. This is not a great film but it is a bit of a hoot and the charms of these women are cotton candy on the eyeballs.

One interesting tidbit that I read about in Mondo Macabro is that the prostitute that is killed by Billy Chow after a torrid sex scene is a Taiwanese actress named Hsu Hsiao Dan. She ran for the Taiwanese parliament with the slogan - "Using breasts to fight against fists". I could certainly get behind that political movement !

My rating for this film: 7.5