Ghost Fever

Wong Jing and his wife, Pat Ha, move into a new home, but they should have been a little more careful in checking the background. It turns out that a family was killed a few years back by Eddie Ko and we all know that can only mean one thing - ghosts !.

While his wife is in the hospital for a few days, Wong meets a mysterious, wide eyed lovely - Rosamund Kwan - who shows up in his taxi and then in his elevatorOf course she is free - she is a ghost you idiot !. This leads to a one night affair, but when he stands her up the next time her family decides to take revenge for this slight. It turns out that this family are the ghosts of the murdered family as is Rosamund as well.

Amy Yip has a small part here and it is not at all memorable as the director does nothing to make her look sexy or to reveal her famous cleavage. For the most part this is a comedy and it has Charlie Cho and Natalis Chan doing their usual silly shtick, but these ghosts are not very nice and some of the story does take on a scary quality. The best part is when Charlie is sucked into the TV and has to first fight Jackie Chan and then some hopping vampires. When he is pulled back out, one of the vampire heads gets detached and comes out with him and begins attacking the people.

My rating for this film: 6.0