Ghostly Vixen
Charlie Cho, Natalis Chan and Amy Yip

Only in Hong Kong.

The film opens in a Bangkok disco where a patron follows a beckoning Amy Yip into a mens’ room stall for a "Monica". This turns out not to be “sex” either as Amy is actually an evil demon who literally sucks the life force out of men. She is on a mission. If she is able to do this with 100 virgins who were born at 10 o’clock she will live eternally. This poor guy was number 98. Shing Fui-On is a sorcerer and catches up with her (a bit too late for number 98) and chases her until she has to hide in a mahjong tile. This mahjong tile soon finds its’ way to HK where a waiting Natalis Chan is.

It turns out that Natalis is a virgin born at the unlucky hour. He has been doing everything he can to lose his virginity with the help of his pal Charlie Cho, but he doesn’t have the best of luck. If he parks outside it turns out to be in the middle of a triad turf war, if he brings her back he sets her hair on fire or gets it caught in his zipper. At one point Sandra Ng who has a crush on him uses magic to enlarge his penis to 4 feet thus scaring away the competition! He then has to strap it to his leg, but every time he sees an attractive girl his leg starts to rise!

It's just a cramp!
After a long period of this fairly silly comedy, Amy shows up again and she is only too happy to oblige Natalis. But Sandra is around to try and stop this from happening and has a giant tongue duel with Amy.
Yip in kung fu tongue duel !
This is a strange film as you may have gathered. It is much more of a comedy than a horror film and some of the comedy is fairly humorous. After having read about this in Sex and Zen I had hoped for more chills, but that’s not what this is all about. Some laughs and a nice helping of the Yipster being evil.

My rating for this film: 6.5