Jail House Eros

The budget for this film must have been huge. All those clothes being ripped off in the many cat fights and the amount of water for all those showers! This is not really the typical  “women in prison” film though as it throws in some other HK elements – geeky guys chasing after the girls and ghosts inhabiting the grounds.
Need someone to scrub your back?
Amy Yip and a number of other females are prisoners serving their jail sentences in a prison run by Stanley Fung. Stanley does not run a real tight ship, as men seem to find it rather easy to sneak in to woo Amy and the others.
Loletta Lee comes back as the spirit of a girl that died years ago trying to escape. She needs the help of a prisoner to get her beyond the prison walls because she can not be reincarnated within. She is a nice ghost who helps out the women when the evil ghost of a dead female guard comes back to wreck havoc.
Loletta Lee
Though this film has elements of exploitation, it is really much too mild and gentle to reach that level. There are a few quick glimpses of nudity throughout but nothing really salacious. Amy does have some great scenes. One in which the evil ghost comes back as a baton and Amy first swallows it and then regurgitates it. Later a female Tao priest puts a charm around a small table and everyone must get on top of it to be safe from the ghost. The problem is that a certain part of Amy’s anatomy stretches over the boundary and the ghost can reach it. Not a classic by any means, but somewhat fun and goofy.

My rating for this film: 6.5