Bogus Cops
Leung Ka-Yan, Veronica Yip and Eric Tsang

A slightly amusing tale of two bumbling and cowardly cops - Eric Tsang and Leung Ka-Yan (who also directs) - who do everything they can to avoid danger and responsibility. For example when a robber with a stocking over his head falls out of a house at their feet, they convince themselves that he was attending a costume party and walk/run away.

Along the way they pick up the very lovely Veronica Yip as a friend. Another sub-plot that is going on concerns a group of bank robbers planning a big heist. As one might expect, the two plots come together at one point and the two cops have to show courage when the robbers kidnap Veronica. Best highlight of the film is Veronica doing some martial arts and then later letting go with a machine gun Veronica having some funall the time attired in a fetching orange mini-skirt. Some less than sophisticated laughs are derived in this silly film. Shing Fui-On has a very small role as a shy suitor of the Yip girl.