Stand Behind the Yellow Line

I never did figure out what the yellow line signifies in the title, but it was difficult trying to stay very interested in this film. Two buddies take their martial art instructor friend to a bordello for his birthday. He is not too thrilled with this, but goes along and ends up with Annie Wu (First Strike) who is doing this for the first time. The police raid the joint and the two of them escape to his house.

Romance blooms as it always seems to in these situations, but the Triad boss (Francis Ng) is looking for his merchandise. Eventually the hero has to fight the Triad to keep his girl. Nothing here to hold the viewers interest with possibly the exception of Annie Wu. Not that she can act or has any reason to in this film, but her slightly out of kilter face and crooked smile and big ears is quite fetching and kept me from hitting the eject button.