Only Fools Fall in Love

This mild film stars Wu Chien-lien & Lau Ching-Wan and I rented it only to gaze upon her perfect face. I donít really recall the plot all that well. Something to do with Lau Ching-Wan having to get married and so he chooses Wu Chien-lien who he has just met. He is wealthy and she is a poor ; he is a bit of a bastard and she is a bit of a swindler. A perfect match !.
Picture obtained from China Star site
Then he has an accident and becomes an imbecile and of course a swell guy; only then does she really fall in love with him and so on. Great - how silly is that. It takes place back a hundred years or so and nothing to get excited about - but WCL does look absolutely beautiful in this. I was surprised when I came across glowing reviews of this film in the HK Database - so perhaps I missed something but it didn't do anything for me.