Love & Sex of Eastern Hollywood

Wake me up when it's over. A totally fatuous film that follows the lives of five shallow young women trying to make their way in the HK chic set - with men lining up to pay their way.
Apparently, the characters are modeled after real HK personalities. So we have: Selena (Paulyn Suen) married to a rich singer and she cheats on her husband in the bed of a dying friend with her husband - a so called "monkey affair"; Maggie (Kathy Chow) an actress with a jealous boyfriend who then gets financially swindled by a later boyfriend; Hung an unsuccessful singer who ends up going to a Brunei type country to be a Royal family prostitute; Hing another actress who gets breast implants to do Category III films and finally Athena Chu whose boyfriend dumps her and she falls into the arms of a waiting lesbian.
Now these women are all very lovely - and that really is the only reason to watch this since their characters are tedious or idiotic and their stories not any better. I have read elsewhere that the Athena Chu character is modeled after Sandra Ng, Hing after Veronica Yip and Maggie - well lets just say she ends up with a French director! Her boyfriend (played by Sunny Chan) is suppose to be Derek Yee and the cheated upon husband is based on Kenny Bee and his wife. Athena's boyfriend (read Sandra Ng) is suppose to be Alex To who broke Sandra's heart in the early 90's.
A warning label about brain rot should come with this film, but it is not too unkindly on the eyes.

Athena Chu