Up for the Rising Sun

This was such a dreadful film. It was at the Music Palace a while back and I walked out 30 minutes into it. Perhaps I shouldn't review a film that I didn't see all of, but I have only walked out of a film a handful of times in my life. And I like Anita Yuen a lot, but she's terrible as well in this dreck.What is it about ??? - a least for the first 30 minutes - not much !!.

It takes place in current day HK and Anitas' family is down on their financial luck, so she marries this older wealthy man (George Lam) whose children seemedannoyed by this and so on and so on. Really really bad. Just was taking forever to go anywhere and as I won't be living forever I thought I could find something better to do with my time. So this is a warning to save your valuable time !