Deadful Melody

If you are a fan of the costumed kung fu flying people genre, this movie could be for you though it is not held in the same esteem as many others in this genre. There are people jumping & flying all over with incredible ease. Outside of this, it is also a fairly interesting story - about a number of Kung Fu clans after a Magic Lyre with awesome destructive powers.

Brigitte Lin is in possession of this instrument of destruction and she gives one of those sexually amorphous baleful performances that I love so much. Sometimes she gives just a hint of a smile that makes me melt. Yuen Biao has the most screen time as he plays a security agent who is given charge of the lyre by Brigitte in an effort to smoke out all her enemies and gain revenge on them for killing her parents

Some good action and ornate costumes with a lot of pageantry mixed in. Some of the bad guys are quite interesting all decked up in flashy attire. At times the movie drags which brings down the rating and for my taste there was perhaps too much reliance on wires to create the effects. Carina Lau and Wu Ma also have good parts.