Killers Angels

The film starts off with various killings by a professional hitman and by the time the opening credits have even finished rolling some seven people are DOA. A gang witness is kidnapped and the Blue Angels - 3 women - one of them being Moon Lee - have to get him back.

They do this with maximum bloodshed and then have to keep him under wraps. At the same time, the Blue Angels suspect a nightclub owner of being the big boss and so Moon Lee goes undercover as a singer. The professional hitman Gordon Liu - Professional Killer works for the boss and for some mysterious reason he has a picture of Moon when she was much younger and he displays protective feelings toward Moon much to the displeasure of the boss's psychotic daughter.

Almost non-stop action - some of it terrific and some pretty poorly done. This was not a high budget film - but lots of energy is shown. In the final scene, the Blue Angels take on an army of bad guys. The dubbed version was quite murky compared to the HK version and almost criminally the dubbed version edits out the song that Moon performs ala Sheila Easton Moon can do it all ! in the nightclub. Can't begin to imagine why they would do this unless it was for some copyright reason or it was too difficult to dub the Chinese song. A real shame to miss it though because Moon looks adorable. And  I never did figure out why the killer has a picture of a young Moon Lee - maybe it is explained in Cantonese.