Princess Madam

Three of the best of the girls with guns - Moon Lee, Michiko Nishiwaki and Sharon Yeung in a blast of a movie. Moon and Sharon play cops protecting a witness, while Michiko gets stuck once again playing the villainess - but oh , she does it so well. I love watching her do bad things to good people! Sharon Yeung only appeared in a few flicks, but she shows some wonderful moves here and Moon is fabulous. There is one action scene after another and some unexpectedly intricate plotting that builds the characters of the film and thus adds to the growing intensity of this movie. A definite recommendation for those in love with this genre. From what I have read, this film is actually the product of cutting and pasting two films together - which explains Moon's disappearance in the second third of the film - but even so it hands together reasonably well.
I just recently realized that Sharon Yeung also known as Yeung Pan Pan made quite a few kung-fu type films beginning all the way back in the late 1970's. The compilation film - Top Fighters 2 shows a number of clips from her early films and she is quite astonishing.

My rating for this film: 8.0