Angel the Kickboxer

Oh , is this a bad film; below mediocre by any measurement. Considering the cast, one might expect a decent effort here. It stars Yukari Oshima along with Cynthia Rothrock, Robin Shou, Waise Lee & Pauline Chan, but it is confusing and the fighting is badly choreographed. Sometimes the punches and kicks miss by a yard and are thrown so slowly that I think I could duck some of them. This is as bad as some of the B-movie US action films and considering that much of it takes place in the USA, I suspect that it was partly a USA production. You have to wonder sometimes, didn't the director - Godfrey Ho - even bother to look at the film when it is done and realize that it makes no sense? How can you waste that much talent.

In an old issue of Asian Trash Cinema, I just came across the fact that the Cynthia Rothrock part of this film was actually taken from another one of her films - Honor and Glory. This could partly explain why this is such a bad film.