Lethal Panther (Deadly China Dolls)

(Dubbed) Not a redeeming thing about this low budget exploitation trash movie, but damn I enjoyed it. Lots of ridiculous over the top violence, a good helping of nudity and two sexy killer dames at the top of their game. What more could you ask for !

Now this is not to dismiss the fact that this movie has dreadful dialogue, terrible acting, pitiful dubbing and huge holes in the story & in the logic, but if that doesn't bother you this can be a lot of fun. Directed by the low budget schlockmeister Godfrey Ho, it has been issued by Tai Seng as part of  The Lethal Series trilogy.

As the story begins we wander into the lives of two professional female killers - Miyamoto Yoko & Maria Jo (neither of whom I have ever seen in anything else) as they go about their business. Their lives eventually intersect as they are both assigned the same target, later they are assigned to kill each other. Lots & lots of betrayals & body counts here. Godfrey definitely had a large cache of blanks for this one. Sibelle Hu appears from time to time (in the worst dubbed voice you can imagine) as a CIA agent.