Vengeance is Mine

The good news is that there is a lot of Yukari Oshima in this film. We get to see her laugh and giggle and cry and love and of course get very pissed off. The bad news is that this is a very cheap production - not even Filipino low budget standards -  this looks like TV quality and the film appears to be shot on videotape.
Yukari gets married and goes to HK to honeymoon where her husband is murdered and she is raped. She seeks revenge, but it takes a long time.
Five years later she finally recognizes the five assailants on TV who by now have become very successful and she goes to work. Lots of action once this happens - though this is a good hour into the film - but it is very poorly done. There is one great shot of Yukari's rage as she forks one of the bad guys (classic kung-fu bad guy - Pai Ying).
Yukari has never looked lovelier -  but this film is only for Oshima fanatics (of which I count myself !).