The Avenging Quartet
Michiko, Yukari, Cynthia and Moon

And what a quartet, but who would have thought that any movie with the four great HK femme fatales - Cynthia Khan, Yukari Oshima, Moon Lee & Michiko Nishiwaki -  would be so sedate, so plot driven rather than an over the top blast just reveling in the possibilities with those great female personalities.

Though this has some good moments, it is a lot less exciting than my expectations and in fact it drags with non-action stretches for long periods. It primarily focuses on mainland cop Cyhthia as she goes to HK to look for her old boyfriend - Waise Lee - who has disappeared only to discover that Moon Lee is also in love with him. He  turns out to be a thief and has possession of something that the Japanese (Yukari & Michiko) are trying to retrieve. The ending fight when all get involved is quite brutal and shocking. The LD cover of the four stars on motorcycles - though this scene is nowhere in the film - is the best thing about the movie.