Angels Force

This is simply Moon Lee at her best - she is involved in some great action and looks beyond adorable whether in jeans or army fatigues.  There is action galore here with rarely any time passing before the next fight of some kind. It is an interesting combination of typical "girls with guns" good guys vs. the bad guys - but it also throws in a large element of Eastern Condors type adventure. It makes for a thoroughly enjoyable action vehicle that any Moon fan will appreciate.
In this one her police boss (Wilson Lam) assembles a small team of specialized men (and Moon) to rescue a VIP gwielo in the jungles of Thailand. Once there though Lam is ambushed by a female assassin and badly wounded - and so it is up to Moon to take over the mission (only of course, after she revenges herself on the female in bloody style!). She leads the team deep into the jungles and they fight nearly every step of the way. The violence escalates tremendously and takes on a ferocious nature. In the rescue attempt her team is nearly wiped out and the body count is huge. Then she has to return to Hong Kong where the action picks up again with a vicious fight against Shing Fui-on - by the end of this film Moon must have needed a long vacation - but probably not to Thailand! In the cast also are Johnny Weng as the kidnapper, Stephen Chan as one of Moon's men and Jimmy Lee as her top supervisor.

My rating for this film: 7.5

Moon counting her bruises