Queens High
Cynthia Khan - The Bride Wore White

This film has mistakenly been called In the Line of Duty V in a few places, but apparently D&B, the producers, did this in the marketing campaign to stir up interest. It does have Cynthia Khan, but she is certainly not the same character as in the ILOD films. Here she is a daughter of a triad leader. When most of her family including the groom is wiped out at her wedding, she picks up a machine gun and goes to work. This is one of the more famous images in HK films - CK in wedding gown & machine gun blasting away.
now thats wedding I would like to go to
This though is probably the best scene in the movie as it goes down hill from there until the big fight at the end. A good but not great movie as it starts very slowly - then  bang - then slows again until the big showdown, but CK is excellent as usual. Simon Yam plays her brother.