Beyond Hypothermia

Yow !! - what are they doing to sweet pumpkin face Wu Chien-lien. In "Beyond Hypothermia" she is a cold-blooded (literally and figuratively) assassin with no remorse or pity whatsoever. A little kid is a witness - no big deal - bang - no more witness. Also hints of lesbianism !!.

Though deep down she is of course not such a bad egg. Sort of a down home girl as she says "After killing somebody, I always need to have hot noodles" or "I need to try to love a man. Of course if he learns my identity, I will have to kill him". Actually, it is nice to see this incredible beauty in such a different kind of role.

This movie is a definite recommendation to those who enjoy the "Heroic Bloodshed" genre. The last 20 minutes is a blood fest du jour. Just where do the cops disappear to during these little fracases? Lau Ching-Wan is the kind noodle chef that WCL develops a hankering for.

And even though we see WCL blow away little kids, we still can't help rooting for her - that's what a beautiful face can do for a woman ! Very stylish, very violent and very good.

My rating: 8.5