Lunatic Frog Women

I've always wanted to rent this film simply because of the title and for the first ten minutes it lived up to it's promise as being a cult type film. Now it had no subtitles, so I am just guessing at what this movie was about - but it was not exactly a complex story.

A number of very young nubile women are all prisoners in a stockade in some remote area and they break out of prison by killing loads of guards in every way imaginable and fight their way to a boat. This was fun to watch - but then their boat sinks and they wash ashore on an island. They encounter what seem to be guerrillas and join them and go through a very lengthy training period to become lunatic frog women . I had sort of hoped the title indicated that somehow there were some mutated forms of frog women in this film, but that is not the case. Finally after a lengthy lull in the action, the women are ready and attack what appeared to be Vietnamese soldiers in a pretty brutal battle.

I have only been shot 17 times - no problem
Not nearly as much exploitation value here as I had hoped for in a film that in Chinese translates to - "Scorching Sun Female Baby" !.