Big Circle Blues
Michiko Nishawaki looking good

A mixed up film that can't decide which characters to concentrate on. I think it finally makes the wrong choice.

In the first scene someone kills a young child, but we never find out why and by whom this scene is never referred to again in the film. A group of four men and a woman rob a jewelry store in HK and escape to Taiwan. Michiko Nishiwaki is a HK cop and comes to Taiwan to track them down.

The focus of the film though is not on Michiko, but on the gang of five. They think the fence that buys their loot rips them off and they then go on a killing spree to gain revenge. The problem in following this group is that even though their loyalty to one another is admirable they are not very pleasant to be around as one of them rapes two women and they kill people with little provocation.  So it's not like you are really rooting for these guys. Michiko does get her share of action though in this fairly brutal film.