Thunder Mission aka Raiders of the Loosing Treasure

(Dubbed) Part of the Tai Seng Les Femmes Fatale Action trilogy. There is certainly no complaint about lack of action in this one as it is a rarity for more than ten minutes to go by without a fight occurring. Now the action is of the low budget variety with lots of sword wielding Ninjas attacking the heroes, but never seemingly making contact. In one instance during an onslaught of Ninjas, Michiko and her half sister decide to make up while fighting. So they stop to apologize to each other, but the ninjas kindly stop to allow this to take place. Guess they don't make Ninjas like they used to!

It takes a while to figure out exactly what the plot is all about (perhaps due to poor dubbing) but eventually it turns out that someone is trying to kill Michiko Nishiwaki in order to receive the contents of her father's will. She and a female assistant (who looked a bit like Donnie Yen to me!) along with Alex Fong take on an endless supply of Ninjas in this action packed but not particularly great film. There is unfortunately some tiresome infantile humor thrown in for reasons that I can not fathom. It is always a pleasure though to see Michiko under any circumstances.