Kick Boxer's Tears

Moon Lee takes this film by its neck and shakes it up HK style. She is by measures a sweetie pie and then tough as an incoming missile.

Her brother (Ken Lo) is a kick boxer and in a match against Billy Chow he is killed by dirty means. This kick boxing match takes up nearly the first 15 minutes of the film and as you might imagine the fighting between these two ex-kick boxing champions is quite fierce and authentic looking. One peculiar thing I couldn't help but notice was that nearly the entire audience consists of 15-year-old kids. Was this a school outing?

After this Moon goes on an ever increasingly brutal series of challenges and fights. Against a group of robbers, against Billy Chow, against Yukari Oshima who is the wife of the main bad guy and then finally in an incredibly intense brutal finale against the main bad guy and his gang.
Moon gets banged up like hell in this film, but she never stops coming back. One of my favorite Moon films. I have seen comments in the Asia film NG that this film didn't have enough action. It does take about thirty minutes before Moon gets pissed off, but then it goes into overload so I can't see how you could look for much more in terms of action.

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