Hard to Die

This turned out to be the perfect 1 a.m. - can’t fall asleep - film. Lots of basically mindless action with a pretty good cast. Out of the 90 minutes running time; at least 70 was probably devoted to action of some kind. The action is admittedly of that low budget anything goes variety, but at one in the morning it was just fine.

It opens with a birthday party being thrown for drug kingpin Eddie KoEddie Ko by his right hand man Francis Ng. Ng does his psychotic bit here - at one point during a meeting smashing a colleagues’ head into a table until he is dead because every time someone mentions a city - he has to say what country it is in. Ng finds this quite annoying.

Into the party swaggers Sibelle Hu Sibelle Hu to arrest a gweilo dealer, but before she gets to do this Michiko Nishawaki lets go with a machine gun at Ko and party. She is out for revenge. Add to this mix, Alex Man who is a professional killer and Carrie Ng who seemingly is the flower vase girlfriend of Francis Ng - but turns out to be much more. And it is nearly non-stop from there.

Fun little low budget action film with actually some excellent gymnastics by the stunt people. At one point Carrie Ng’s character cartwheels to a 8 foot wall and then somersaults over it. Nice going Carrie ! Michiko has a lot of action scenes - with machine gun, a bazooka and of course her hands and legs.

This is part of the recent China Heat trilogy released by Tai Seng.