Ultracop 2000

(Dubbed) - Part of the La Femme Oshima trilogy released by Tai Seng. Low budget Filipino production that makes very little sense and is filled with incompetently made action scenes. For example, in one car chase/shoot up there are about 1,000 bullets expended and yet somehow no glass is shattered or anyone shot. It is just a dreadful use of Yukari Oshima and it is a shame to witness.

The film as best as I could make out is about some cops (of which Yukari is one) that are after some villains, but as a sub-plot there is an extra-terrestrial villain being chased by a policeman from Mars. And from time to time they show up to do battle and then vanish again. Believe me its even worse than it sounds! Finally in the last action scene of the film, we get some good Yukari action as she battles zombies and the bad guy from outer space with swords & guns. Watch only if you are in solitary confinement in prison and your choice is either watching this or watching cockroach races.