Fatal Termination
Child safety laws anyone?How much insurance did my parents take out on me?

I finally was able to locate this movie that I have wanted to see since I read the review in Sex & Zen & Bullet in the Head. This is the one that has Moon Lee's little daughter hanging out the window of a car as it speeds down some streets in HK. It's simply amazing. When I read the review I thought - well somehow they faked it. If they did, I sure did not see how. It really is this little 5 year old girl in her pink tutu hanging out this car window as it dodges cars and there is Moon Lee on the front of the car trying to rescue her daughter by smashing through the front windshield. Who were the parents that allowed this? They must have been nuts or had a hell of an insurance policy on her. An incredibly intense scene as is the entire last 40 minutes of this movie. Also has Simon Yam (but then what movie doesn't?) and Robin Shou.

Worth watching for this scene alone, but the rest of the movie is decent as well. It is about some weapons being smuggled in with the assistance of a corrupt Customs officer (Robin Shou) and being investigated by Simon Yam. Lots of good guys & bad guys and none of them trusting each other makes for an interesting mix of a movie. The Arab terrorists were absurdly dressed in outfits that must have been gotten cheaply from some wardrobe from another movie - perhaps Sabu. Moon is in the background for much of the movie playing the wife of a cop, but once her daughter is kidnapped - she gets into fighting mode in a big way.