Devil's Hunters

Not a bad show for this low budget action film. Excellent cast with Moon Lee, Sibelle Hu & Ken Lo. Moon Lee is particularly enjoyable to the eye whether dressed in a school girl uniform or in a police uniform. The plot though not particularly complex has a few twists that many of these low budget films don't usually bother with. Sibelle is one of the cops after a crime boss and Moon Lee is the mysterious stranger who keeps showing up and beating up people. Of course I love seeing that. There is one very perverse scene when a girl is covered from head to toe with live insects in order to make her talk.
Sibelle Hui
Lots of action - not always well choreographed - but enjoyable. In the last scene as the heroes jump away from an explosion, it appears that the actors were set on fire and the movie in fact claims that the explosion was bigger than planned and that the some people were badly hurt in the explosion. I didn't realize until recently when I saw Moon interviewed in Top Fighter 2 that she was one of them. She says that her hair and face were burnt and that she had to spend quite a while in the hospital.