My Father is a Hero

This is easily one of my favorite Jet Li films. It combines both great action scenes along with some very poignant touching moments.

Li plays an undercover cop on the Mainland who is assigned to go to HK and infiltrate a gang of thieves. His cover story is that he is a criminal that has broken out of jail. He leaves behind a son and wife who are humiliated by neighbors who think the cover story is the truth. In fact, even the wife and son do not know the truth. The son is Tze Miu who at 10 years or so has incredible martial arts moves in which he gives a good demonstration of.

In HK, Jet does get in with the gang and in a bloody shootout policewoman - Anita Mui - chases him but during the chase he saves her life and then escapes. Puzzled by this behavior , Anita's investigation leads her back to his hometown where she meets his son & dying wife and begins to suspect that all is not what it appears.

Back in HK  Jet, Anita and the son team up to take on the gang that is led by the incredible Yu Rong Guang in one of his best bad guy roles. There are some harrowing and amazing action scenes and excellent performances from everyone. My favorite scene is when Jet uses his son as a yo-yo to battle the gang. 

My rating for this film: 9.0