The Bodyguard from Beijing

In this film, there are a few oasis's of excellent action pieces set in a desert of blandness.

Jet Li plays a Peoples Republic Army bodyguard with as stern a demeanor as a hospital floor nurse; he never cracks a smile in the entire film. He is assigned to protect Christy Chung - a girlfriend of a rich Honkie - who has witnessed a murder. Neither are too thrilled with the setup until Jet saves Christy in a well staged shoot up in a shopping mall (HK films seem to love to break up malls!).Turning Christy on in the mall

Having your life saved seems to be a turn on as Christy now does everything she can to bed Jet. All to no avail as this might distract him for just a second from his duty. Come on Jet, live a little - you don't have a sweetie like Christy throwing herself at you every day!

The final fight makes the movie worth sitting through - one of the better fights ever in HK films. Amazingly fast, clever and brutal. The villain in this fight is Ngai-Sing.Please shoot her then For the most part though there just is way too much waiting for something to happen in this film . Perhaps the director was trying to show some character buildup and allow the audience to become involved in the characters, but there is zero chemistry between Jet & Christy.  Chung is definitely a cutie with those vacuous big doe like eyes, but she gives off no spark whatsoever here. Maybe it is just me, but I found both the beginning and the end of this film a bit confusing.

My rating for this film: 6.5