Black Mask

A futuristic, stylish vehicle for Jet Li. It seems that popular opinion has dealt a slight thumbs down on this Jet Li vehicle, but I was totally caught up in the cartoon like feel, the story, the designs and the action scenes. There is a huge amount of wirework taking place, but I thought it was imaginatively done.

Jet Li is in a squad of fighters who have been physically and genetically altered to be perfect killing machines that can feel no pain. But higher ups have decided to cancel the program and to terminate the squad. Li is able to break out and he escapes to HK where he takes on a new identity and life as a quiet librarian who works with Karen Mok and becomes good friends with ultra tough policeman, Lau Ching-wan.Lau Ching-wan - make my day

Of course, his past life catches up with him and he has to become The Black Mask to save his friends and to destroy some of his old squad (who also escaped I guess) who are intent on monopolizing the HK drug trade. Francoise Yip (Rumble in the Bronx)Francoise Yip also has a role as Li's old student who is now on the opposite team. I have always had a weakness for masked super heroes who hide behind a secret identity and this film fits that mold perfectly as Li keeps his powers secret from everyone around him. Enjoyable fast moving film with a lot of style.

My rating for this film: 7.5

Picture from the China Star site