Where's Officer Tuba

This sweet action/comedy from Sammo Hung is full of laughs and contains a few great action scenes as well.  Sammo does his “shy” persona here and you can’t help but love his character.

The film begins with an action sequence that has nothing to do with Sammo or really the rest of the film, but there is an amazing stunt in it. During a chase, a cop first shoots out the windshield of an oncoming car and then jumps through the front window as it is bearing down on him. No doubt the car was slowed down for this stunt, but it is still quite amazing.

We then move on to Sammo who plays the tuba in the police band. Later that night he is giving a dinner party for four of his police friends and their wives. It turns out to be a hilariously disastrous dinner in which all four buddies side up to Sammo and tell him that he has to tell his wife that he was with them the previous evening. Sammo’s attempt to come up with a story that includes all his activities with his friends – fishing, folk dancing, a wake and playing mahjong come to an ignominious ending. On top of this Sammo is saddled with a gigantic amorous blind date.

Sammo and his blind date - 'oooh honey'
Eventually, Sammo meets Joey Wong and a little romance springs up between them. First though Sammo gets involved in a case in which a cop is killed while Sammo is hiding as best he can (no hero is our Sammo). Before the cop dies though, he makes Sammo promise to bring the crooks to justice. Sammo has no intention of doing this though until the ghost of the cop comes back and makes Sammo’s life miserable (and very funny). This leads to Sammo and his partner Jackie Cheung (in his film debut) tracking down the crooks and there is a rip-roaring fight at the end. One of the crooks is another one of the Seven Fortunes – Yuen Wah. This isn’t one of Sammo’s better known films, but I thoroughly enjoyed both the comedy and the small amount of action. There are a ton of faces that you will recognize in this film.

My rating for this film: 7.0