The Deadliest Art

This action compilation was produced by Fred Weintraub (produced Enter the Dragon) with the cooperation of Golden Harvest. The film is full of terrific action scenes, but because of the sponsorship of Golden Harvest the scenes used are all Golden Harvest films. This of course leads to a fairly narrow scope in which none of the Shaw films are represented. Even taking this into account, it seems that there could have been a much greater diversity of films. Probably some 80% of the film is devoted to the movies of Jackie, Sammo, Yuen and Bruce Lee. One other complaint is that they bring no real historical perspective to the narration. You get no sense of how this is all connected.
This is not necessarily a problem depending on what you want as there are amazing clips of many of their films here. Since this was compiled in 1990, there are obviously no post-1990 works of theirs here. The quality of the film is very clean though it is not widescreen.
There are a few other welcome side streets that this film goes down and a few unwelcome ones. Clips from Michiko, Angela Mao, Yukari Oshima, Duel to Death are excellent. For some reason though, time is wasted on such western martial artists as Keith Cooke, Peter Cunningham, Keith Vitale and Karen Shepard. Who the hell are these people?
Japanese Deadly Femme Fatales - Michiko and Yukari
So this is basically for Seven Fortune fans. If you are a fan of theirs, this is a nice compilation of many of their fights.
The King and Queen - Bruce and Angela