Cinema of Vengeance

This compilation of HK action clips from Eastern Heroes has a few pluses and a few minuses. It makes a real effort to bring a historical perspective to the HK action film genre. It has clips from some of the earliest HK films through the Wong Fei Hung films of the 1950ís, the Shaw Brothers, Jackie Chan and finally to the Heroic Bloodshed genre of the 1980ís. Interviews with people like Jimmy Wang Yu and Lau Kar Leung add to this considerably. A wonderful clip of Bruce Leeís screen test is fascinating. There are other such little gems spread throughout.
The main problem with the film though is an apparent lack of availability of many of the classic films. Clearly, Golden Harvest did not participate in this project because none of their films are here. For example with the large segment on Jackie Chan the viewer is stuck with clips from Fantasy Mission Force and Island on Fire Ė two of his worst films. For the Heroic Bloodshed clips from Chow Yun Fatís Tragic Hero and Simon Yamís Cypress Tigers are shown. Not by any stretch the best examples of this genre.
On the other hand this limitation forces them to sometimes use some interesting films that likely would not have been used as The Club, My Heart is the Eternal Rose and Tiger Cage 2. One other weak point is a reliance on western points of views from people who are in no way qualified to use up time. Golan Globus  Ė who wants to hear what he has to say about HK films?
Gordon Liu and Sammo
Still some interesting historical information and along with some of the other compilation films helps paint a picture of HK action films.
My Heart is the Eternal Rose