Sex and Zen

This film is a serious exploration of the relationships between men and women, husbands and wives, children and parents during the time of the Ming dynasty (17th century) and delves into the roles and expectations that each has pressed upon them by societal traditions.

Just kidding. This film is about sex. It is easily the most famous Category III film and made Amy Yip into an international sex symbol. It’s the reason why a thousand sex sites come up if you enter her name into a search engine. Her pookie face sitting on top of a body, that the word voluptuous doesn’t begin to do justice to, captured the imagination and testosterone of males all over the world.

they sure feel real to me
The film is derived apparently from a Ming dynasty text and it tells the story of a scholar who intentionally goes against the Buddhist tenets of abstinence and desires to conquer as many women as he can. First he takes out time to marry Amy Yip and though their first night is a bit difficult she soon gets the hang of it. Hard to imagine, but Amy is not enough for him and he wanders elsewhere.
don't even ask
He wants to seduce the wife of the tailor, Tsui Kam-Kong, but one night as he spies on them he notices that TKK has equipment worthy of Dirk Diggler. He becomes very envious because as his friend tells him his own penis “is only good for picking teeth”. So like any of us would, he decides to have a horse’s penis transplanted on him. In this amazingly bizarre scene, Kent Cheng as the surgeon uses a guillotine to get rid of the offending member (ouch!) whereupon a dog gobbles it up and then the horse’s penis is sewn on.

Many sexual situations are covered here. Swinging from the rafters and penmanship take on an entirely new meaning! A little whipping and food tasting is thrown in to complete the picture.

don't leave home without it
The film has sumptuous production values and the softcore sex scenes are filmed in that hazy fuzzy soft lit manner. There is a fair amount of nudity throughout.
now where is that whip when I need it

On the whole though I didn’t really enjoy this film. The mood of the film and many of the sex scenes stuck me as misogynistic and mean spirited and everyone seems to come to a bad end. Still this is considered a classic and every Amy Yip fans needs to see it.

My rating for this film: 7.0