Underground Judgement

I really felt surprised by the end of this film Ė primarily that I had actually made it to the end. It is a real mess with an idiotic plot, a poorly written script and weak acting.

It takes a while to figure out what is going on here and when you do it is hardly worth the effort. In the first scene, Amy Yip, a cop named Golden Eagle and Cheung Man are all talking about the future. Cheung Man is going to America to emigrate and Amy and Golden Eagle are about to be married. The film then jumps ahead a year and now the cop is hiding out on Cheung Chi Island and has become a total drunken bum who will lick up the alcohol from a broken bottle on the street.  Cheung Man has come back to HK to clear up the misunderstanding.

Man Cheung
Slowly we learn that Waise Lee committed an atrocity on the manís wedding day and that for some reason the cops think Golden Eagle is guilty. Finally, he straightens out and comes back for revenge. There is also the biggest diamond in the world thrown into the pot.

The Yipster is only in a few scenes regrettably. Another terrible waste of her presence. This was a bad film.

The HK Database has this listed as Yip's last film. After watching this, I am not surprised she retired !

My rating for this film: 4.0