Lethal Contact

For the most part, this is a very ho-hum ninety minute mix of comedy, drama and action. Some of the action bits are not bad at all, but the comedy and drama fall as flat as a policemanís feet.

Kent Cheng and his partner, Billy Lau, are two fairly inept cops, but they are lucky enough to have a commander, Sibelle Hu, who has been their friend since childhood. So they get away with a lot of nonsense and not working too hard.

Kent Cheng and Billy Lau
She assigns them to escort Wilson Lam, a cop from Borneo, around HK while he is in town. It turns out that he is looking for a witness to a big crime syndicate back in Borneo. Borneo? Do they even have crime in Borneo. Anyway not too surprisingly the bad guys are also looking for the witness and soon enough there is a clash. A pretty good fight ensues - and though Kent and Billy are a little less than believable - Wilson going against some gwielo is not bad at all. I am not sure of the name of this guy - but he has some amazingly acrobatic moves.
Anybody know his name?
A few surprising twists do take place that lead up to a brutal end fight in which even Sibelle gets to blow away a few guys. But these fights aside, there is very little else of interest going on.
Sibelle Hui
Oh, ya this review is in the Amy Yip section isnít it?  Well, on the cover of the video there was a picture of the Yipster displaying more cleavage than the Grand Canyon, but somehow that didnít seem to make into the version I had. Yes, fooled again. Here she has two brief scenes of a couple of minutes apiece and no cleavage in sight. It is kind of a cute scene though. Amy and her sister are hostesses at a bar and bring a client back to the apartment of Kent and Billy (yes they share an apartment) where they scam the guy into believing that Kent and Billy are their husbands. Now they pretend not minding the girls bringing some business back to the apartment, but they do like to watch ! The client quickly pays up and rushes out the door and the money is split four ways.

My rating for this film: 5.0

The Yipster is wasted once again