Stooges in Hong Kong

No, those are not the Yipsters – but not much bigger! Talking about Amy Yip, let me say upfront that the pictures in this review are a blatant exploitive attempt by me for Internet ratings ! Don't go any further if such things upset you.

Anyway, this is an absolutely goofball film that is basically a series of skits and sight gags tied to a clothesline of a plot. Anything and everything is a target in a torrent of jokes – some of which I got – but most of which went whizzing by. Now this isn’t exactly sophisticated humor – most of it is totally tasteless having to do with penises, breasts and vibrators. There were also parodies of things from Rocky to Saturday Night Fever to John Cleese’s “silly walks”. Much of it is absolutely stupid, but if you throw enough out there some of it is sure to be funny and I found myself laughing at some ridiculous bits.

What plot there is revolves around James Wong and Tommy Wong. One is the actor; the other the writer in a TV comedy show that is a big hit. Amy Yip plays the harridan wife of James and spends much of her time trying out new vibrators.  The film pokes fun at the TV industry and the fickle audience as well. Think of a low brow version of Benny Hill (!) and you will get the gist of this film, but if you are in the right mood or just like the Yipster – of which there is plenty here – it might be worth a viewing. Apparently at one point in her career Amy did have a TV show - I would have loved to have seen those - I mean that !

My rating for this film: 6.0