Erotic Ghost Story

The focus of this very entertaining film is most definitely more on the erotic than on the ghost aspects of the title.  And erotic it is - as it is full of lush photography and even lusher women that give off quite an electric charge in all states of dress or undress. The film has quite a bit of nudity and sexual situations – so don’t rent it for the little kiddies.
Three sisters who are in fact fox spirits have taken on human form – and what human form indeed – though the only resemblance between them would not be their large eyes! The camera spends much of the time panning down below their necks in this film. The sisters (of whom I only know Amy Yip) have to maintain a strict moral lifestyle for 36 days or they will revert to their animal essence and lose their human soul. It doesn’t seem a lot to do – but those foxy instincts make it very difficult, as does the handsome young scholar who lives down the road.
One by one the sisters wander into his house and leave later with a large smile planted on their face. They soon learn that each one has been toiling away in the same garden – but being sisters they don’t mind. They invite the scholar to come live with them and share him equally. This leads to pool parties, frolicking about and fruit orgies. Some guys have all the luck.
Even when the scholar is not around the sisters find things to do as there seems to be no taboos in the fox society regarding sisterly love.
It eventually occurs to them though that this might not exactly fall into the definition of a strict moral lifestyle and sure enough they begin to grow hair on their chests. Ow – the Yipster with chest hair is not a pleasant sight!
They visit the scholar to make things right only to discover that he is not exactly what he appears. The three heads tip them off – though I always thought that most women would love a man with three heads. One to watch football, one to make love and one to listen to their complaints! Just kidding. The sisters now realize that they will have to fight to the death to keep their human soul.
This is a fun little film – that is more erotically charged and explicit than I was expecting (that’s not a complaint!) – with some cheesy special effects. The Yipster is in fine form – and though she continues her little trick of never quite revealing it all – she is still quite a special effect in her own right. There are a few sequels to this film with different actresses I believe.
Tai Seng has just released this in the US in letterbox format and the quality of the picture is excellent. Unfortunately they are pricing it at $60 for the tape so ask your video store to get it.

My rating for this film: 8.0