Super Energetic Man

If you or anyone you know ever admits to liking this film, I would suggest that you immediately take them or yourself in for a brain scan. This has to be one of the worst films that I have ever seen. Of course with a title like Super Energetic Man, I guess I wasn’t exactly expecting Citizen Kane. It’s hard to even imagine what age group this might appeal to – perhaps toddlers because of the bright colors and comic book mentality.

Here are the basics – as best as I could figure out as I must confess to a lot of fast forwarding. Gigi Lai is the Princess of Kuwite and she has fallen in love with On Do Do over the Internet. All we see of the Kingdom of Kuwite is a grassy field where the Princess suns herself all day, gets massaged and fends off a suitor. Her lover is in some far away place and is a lifeguard that wears a sailor suit. When On Do Do needs super energy, he downs a can of fairy weed – ala Popeye. The Princess goes to meet her Internet lover, but there are complications when the head lifeguard (Tsui Kam-kong ) decides to woo the Princess as well and will resort to any evil deed to steal her away.

This plot though doesn’t even begin to plumb the stupidity of this film. Everyone spouts off dialogue like a 5-year-old and the comedic bits are painfully tiresome. It reminded me a bit of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, but without Pee Wee or a clever script.

Avoid this at all at costs if you are above the age of five. It only gets above a two rating because Gigi Lai is certainly cuter than Olive Oyl.